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Armour Side Loading Ratchet Tie Down

The new innovation makes securing loads quicker and easier and is considered one of the biggest breakthroughs in the transport industry for decades

Tired and frustrated with threading straps through ratchets?

It’s one of those things we all hate doing….but there’s no other way! Right?

A Dunedin inventor has come up with an innovative device which could solve a worldwide problem for the trucking industry. Barry Armour's side-loading ratchet speeds up the process of strapping down cargo for transport, and the simple spin on an old device could be worth millions. Every day across the country, huge rigs transport freight by road. That cargo has to be strapped in securely, a process that can take a long time using traditional ratchet tiedowns.  Mr Armour has spent the last four years coming up with a better design. His ratchet allows straps to be loaded from the side, speeding up the old time-consuming process where the long straps have to be threaded right through......


Don't waste time unrolling your old ratchet strap and threading it through the slot when you can save time and effort with a new side Loading Ratchet just by loading your rolled strap from the side in four easy steps!

Step 1

Fix Straps and Hooks

Fix the hook on the end of the short piece of strap with the ratchet to an anchor point.

Step 2

Open Side Gate

To open the Armour Side Gate pull the Release trigger and fully open the ratchet handle. When the ratchet handle is fully extended, the Armour Side Gate can be opened.

Step 3

Load Strap into Gate

Insert the strap (webbing) in sideways into the centre of the spool. Close the Armour Side Gate

Step 4

Begin ratcheting 

Pull the Release trigger towards the ratchet handle, then pull the handle towards you to engage the ratcheting function – this will lock the Armour Side Gate in the closed position.
Begin ratcheting whilst holding the surplus strap out of the way of the ratchet.

Four innovative products that save time

Developed in New Zealand by Armour Ratchet Technology Ltd

32mm Side Loading Ratchet   

Makes it quicker to secure your load

Quickest and easiest ratchet to use – 32mm (I ¼ inch) ideal for tradesman, serious DIY'ers, and Sports persons.

50mm Side Loading Ratchet 

Makes it quicker to secure your load

Quickest and easiest ratchet to use – 50mm (2 inch)Heavy duty for the freight industry and serious Guys!

32mm Strap Loop

Makes it quicker to hook your strap to your ratchet

Armour has added a "loop" into the strap at both ends for when the hooks don't fit or the load has no securement points.

Strap Winder

Saves time winding straps compared to hand winding

Armour's new simple and easy to use winder – will wind straps up to 50mm (2 inches).

Designed in New Zealand 

Marketed to the World