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The Armour Ratchet is a big advance on the traditional Ratchet with new features that make loading and unloading faster and less complicated

Operating Instructions

-Check the strap for damage – do not use if there are signs of damage, .
-Ensure the strap and ratchet Lashing Capacity is equal or greater than the lashing capacity required to secure the load.
-Check the anchor points for attching the ratchet straps are of strong enough to hold the load.
-Remove any twists in the strap

Loading the Ratchet

Simple steps that save time

Load ready to be secured

Fix the hooks on the end of the long piece of strap to an anchor point.

Then place the strap over the load, only unrolling as much strap as required to attach to the ratchet.

For maximum strength, ensure the hooks, ratchet buckle and straps are all in line with the direction of the pull.

Fix the hook on the end of the short piece of strap with the ratchet to an anchor point.

Pull the "Release" trigger to unlock the ratchet handle.

To open the Armour Side Gate pull the Release trigger and fully open the ratchet handle

When the ratchet handle is fully extended, the Armour Side Gate can be opened.

Insert the strap (webbing) in sideways into the centre of the spool.

Close the Armour Side Gate

Pull the Release trigger towards the ratchet handle, then pull the handle towards you to engage the ratcheting function – this will lock the Armour Side Gate in the closed position.

Pull the strap back onto itself so as to tension both the strap over the load and the short end strap attached to the ratchet

Begin ratcheting whilst holding the surplus strap out of the way of the ratchet.

Continue ratcheting until the strap is tensioned enough to ensure the load is fully secured.

Pull the Release trigger and move the ratchet handle into the locked position.

Tie off the surplus strap to ensure it does not cause problems in transit.

Unloading The Ratchet

Follow quick and easy steps to unload Ratchet

Pull the Release trigger to unlock the ratchet handle

Fully open the handle so as to unlock the Armour Side Gate.

Open the Armour Side Gate and pull out the coiled strap from the centre of the spool (note – no need to unroll the strap before removing.

Close the Armour Side Gate

Pull the "Release" trigger and move the ratchet handle to the closed position

Detach hooks and roll up the balance of the strap


Please follow warnings to ensure a safe and a secure load
  • Not to be used for lifting 
  •  Do not use webbing if it is damaged 
  •  Do not tie knots in webbing 
  •  This product is designed for securing loads based on the Load Restraint Guide 
  •  Use as per operator instructions