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Product Safety

A number of design features have been included to ensure the safety of the ratchet when in use.

Safety Features

The Armour Ratchets have been designed with a number of safety features.

Side Gate Lock

- keeps Gate closed when in use

Grooves in the Spools

The Side Gate is housed in a "slot" so additional force is required to lift the Gate against the strap load to clear the slot before it can move horizontally and open

Spinning Spacer

When under load, the pressure on the Spinning Spacer (attached to the Side Gate) in the centre of the spools further assists with holding the Side Gate Closed (ie like a clamp)

Side Gate Pressure

- if there is lateral pressure on the Side Gate from either the strap not having been wound onto the spools evenly and/or the strap has not been positioned correctly onto the load being secured (ie angled), then (see next slide)


Handle Locking

The Armour ratchet locks the same way as conventional ratchets

Side Gate Pressure

The ratchet is designed so that this pressure is transferred onto the locking end of the pawl, 

due to the location of the pivot point this makes it difficult for the other end of the pawl to freely move in and out of the gears. 

this is turn puts pressure on the handle to the point where it becomes too difficult for the operator to complete ratcheting

At this point the responsibility (duty of care) lies with the Operator to cease ratcheting and correct the situation, and thus prevent the potential of the lateral pressure loaded onto the Side Gate heightening the risk from an accident if a foreign object hits the Side Gate.